Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cage Plans – top indoor and outdoor rabbit cage plans. Find the best rabbit cages for sale online.

Rabbit Cages

When you have rabbits, you want to give them a living space that will be comfortable and relaxing, as well as provide them with all of the essentials such as a place for bedding, eating, and going to the bathroom. Different sized rabbits will require cages that are designed for their particular needs, so you’ll be pleased that you can find a variety of cages and living spaces for your pet. Take the time to identify the needs of your rabbit so that you find the right cage for you. Here are a few tips to help you get started, and we’ll begin with the top ten rabbit cages.

Top 10 Rabbit Cages

1) Living World Deluxe Habitat for Rabbits

Living World Deluxe Habitat for Rabbits

Your pet will have it all when you invest in this rabbit cage that is ventilated and cozy whether they want to play or sleep. The food dish is designed to prevent if from tipping, and there is plenty of space for a bed and litter box. Plus, your rabbit will have additional space because of the balcony where it can eat.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/LivingWorldDeluxeHabitatforRabbits

2) Heavy-Duty Rabbit Cage Series with Stand

Heavy-Duty Rabbit Cage Series with Stand

Your rabbit will enjoy cozying up in this cage that is easy to move around and has plenty of space. You’ll appreciate that you can clean messes quickly in this rabbit cage, and your bunny will love that they have a safe place to burrow and relax. The cage is durable and made of premium materials so that you can enjoy a lasting product.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/HeavyDutyRabbitCageSerieswithStand

3) Ferplast Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Rabbit Cage

If you want a large rabbit cage that is easy to assemble and breakdown, then the Ferplast brand will have something for you. This particular bunny cage has some fantastic features such as an extension that allows you to separate the rabbits during nesting, as well as a special bottom that provides a more spacious living area. The accessories such a food bowl, water bottle, and feeder for hay are included, so that you can save yourself time by making one purchase for your rabbits living needs.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/FerplastRabbitCage

4) MidWest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

MidWest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

Whether you travel with your bunny or you simply want a quick and easy setup, this rabbit cage will take a couple of seconds to assemble and will be easy to store. You won’t need special tools to pop it up, and the flooring is designed to protect the rabbit’s paws. The base slides out so it is very convenient to clean and the cost is affordable.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/MidWestWabbitatFoldingRabbitCage

5) Precision Pet Resort Rabbit Cage

Precision Pet Resort Rabbit Cage

This large rabbit cage is easy for any bunny owner to use because it comes fully assembled and ready for you to pop up wherever you want your pet to live. You’ll have access through the top and front doors, and there is a metal pan that slides in and out of the base for easy cleaning. The finish is durable and has the longevity you want when you invest in a rabbit cage.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/PrecisionPetResortRabbitCage

6) Homey Pet Rabbit Cage

Homey Pet Rabbit Cage

Not only will your rabbit love living in this cage, but you’ll love that it’s attractive and will look wonderful in your home. The assembly is simple and won’t require you to use tools. The tray that pulls out at the bottom of the cage will give you easy access for cleaning up messes, and you’ll get a mesh bottom that allows your rabbit to live in a clean area instead of in waste and dirt.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/HomeyPetRabbitCage

7) Kaytee My First Home and Fiesta Complete Starter Kit for Rabbits

Kaytee My First Home and Fiesta Complete Starter Kit for Rabbits

You’ll not only get a rabbit cage with this kit, but you’ll get a water bottle, food bowl, bedding, and a bag of food. The only thing that isn’t included is the rabbit! You’ll appreciate that this rabbit cage kit is complete with everything you need to get started whether you’re a new bunny owner, or expanding the number of rabbits you have.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/KayteeMyFirstHomeandFiestaCompleteStarterKitforRabbits

8) Kennel-aire “A” Frame Rabbit Cage

Kennel-aire “A” Frame Rabbit Cage

 This sweet rabbit cage has two doors and is quick to assemble. It looks attractive in your home or wherever you choose for your little bunny to live. The bunny cage is affordable and accessible so that you can clean the space and feed your pet throughout the day. Plus, it has wheels that make it a breeze to move around.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/KennelaireAFrameRabbitCage

9) Lixit Animal Care Savic Caesar Rabbit Cage, 2-Tier

Lixit Animal Care Savic Caesar Rabbit Cage, 2-Tier

 Whether you want to give your rabbit a little extra room, or you have more than one rabbit sharing a cage, then you’ll appreciate this double decker rabbit cage that is made with premium and durable plastic. The door is large, so it’s easy to clean and remove or add items for feeding, and the design is for dwarf rabbits, so be mindful if you have larger bunnies you want to provide a living space for.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/LixitAnimalCareSavicCaesarRabbitCage2Tier

10) Prevue Pet Rabbit Home on Stand

Prevue Pet Rabbit Home on Stand

 One reason this rabbit cage is well received is that it has large pans at the base that capture the messes bunnies make and you can easily remove and clean them. You can simply move the rabbit cage by rolling it, and you’ll appreciate the durable steel and plastic that it’s made of.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitcageplans.org/PrevuePetRabbitHomeonStand

Rabbit Cage Selection Tips

When you’re selecting a rabbit cage, there are a few tips that you’ll want to keep in mind before grabbing the first one you see. Because this will be the primary home and comfort zone for your furry friend, you want to make sure that you accommodate their needs. Here are four things to remember when you’re choosing the best rabbit cage.


#1: Make sure there is plenty of room for the size rabbit you have. Rabbit cages come in a variety of sizes because so do bunnies, and you don’t want to put a giant rabbit in a cage that is meant for a dwarf breed. Make sure that you have enough room for food and water, sleeping, and going to the bathroom.

#2: Find a rabbit cage that allows them enough room for exercise. Whether you buy a large bunny cage that they can play inside, or you choose a smaller cage with a door on the front that you open to lead them to the larger playpen, your rabbit will need space to get the energy out.

#3: Pay attention to how easy it is to clean. Most of the top rabbit cages will come with pans that catch waste and are easy to slide in and out of the base, and you’ll want to know the cleaning system for the different brands. You’ll also want to make a note of where the doors are located so that you can quickly remove and replace water, bedding, and food.

#4: Protect your rabbit’s feet by making sure that the wire in the cage is either covered up with a cloth or newspaper or select one that already comes equipped with a soft place for bunnies to walk.

Types of Rabbit Cages

Rabbit cages will each come with their own unique features whether it’s fast assembly, a second tier, or durable building materials such as plastic and metal. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to provide them with a more condo-like setting that will have multiple levels for laying and bedding, as well as an area that is specifically for nesting. Or, if you want a simple space that you pull them out of for playing and exercising, there are smaller cages for that.

There are rabbit cages designed for indoor use, and you’ll find that these have unique features compared to those that are for outdoor applications. Some rabbit owners prefer to have both indoor and outdoor rabbit cages so that they can give their bunny a change of scenery when the weather is nice out.

Rabbit Cage Sizes

When choosing a rabbit cage, be mindful of the different sizes. You’ll want a cage that is easy for them to sit up in without touching the top of their head or ears to the ceiling. Most bunnies will want five square feet or more to ensure that they have enough room for all of their needs from exercise to eating to going to the bathroom to playing.

Rabbit Cage Prices

If you want a simple rabbit cage, you can find these for thirty dollars or so, and the more features you want, the more it will cost. Generally, if you want a rabbit cage that comes with a water bottle and food bowl and an extra perch for them to eat from, the cost will be around seventy to eighty dollars, and on up.

Rabbit Cage Plans

There are a lot of rabbit cage plans out there for you to take a look at if you decide to DIY the project. Many hardware stores will help you when cutting wire if you aren’t confident using the tools, but this particular rabbit cage plan won’t require you to use any power equipment. All you’ll need to get started is a roll of wire for the cage (don’t use chicken wire because rabbits will often chew on this and it’s very unhealthy for them), needle nose pliers, J clips and J clip pliers and removers, wire cutters, and a latch. Now that you have your equipment, it’s time to get to work!

How to Build a Rabbit Cage (step by step)

Step #1: Decide the size you want your rabbit cage to be and then cut the wire roll according to the measurements designated for that amount of room. You’ll cut four pieces that are identical: the front, back, and sides of the cage. Based on those measurements, you can cut a piece for the top, as well as the floor. You’ll cut 1 separate piece for the gate that will slightly overlap the square you cut for the opening.

Step #2: Cut a hole in the front piece for the gate that you’ll be using to add and remove rabbits, their food, water, and bedding.

Step #3: Next, you’ll start with the base and attach the sides using J-clips about every two inches, and then do the same for the front and back. Once you have the sides attached, you can connect the ceiling using the same method with the J-clips.

Step #4: Now that everything is assembled, you’ll add the door with the latch so that it easily swings open and closed.

How to Clean your Rabbit Cage

Now that you’ve bought or built your rabbit cage, you’ll want to be sure that you take care of it and all of the contents inside it. Here’s a checklist that you can keep on the fridge so that you know the job is getting done thoroughly whether you’re there or you enlist someone to help you clean out the rabbit’s cage.

Weekly rabbit cage care:

• Remove old food and wash the food dish thoroughly.
• Wash the water bottle (you’ll have to refill it daily) and make sure it is working the way it should be.
• Clean the waste area by changing the bedding and using fresh litter (you’ll need to scoop litter and change bedding that has been soiled daily).
• Remove old toys and add fresh materials.

Monthly rabbit cage care:

• Remove the rabbit from the cage and put in a safe place.
• Empty the cage thoroughly and throw away old bedding and toys, and make a pile of the items that you want to keep.
• Wipe down the entire cage inside and out with a cleaning solution.
• Thoroughly clean the food dish and sterilize the water bottle.
• Individually clean and wash the toys, bedding, and litterbox.
• Clean around the cage.
• Replace everything in the cage once it is completely dry and fresh, and put your rabbit back in the space.

Rabbits love living in a clean space as much as they like making a mess. When you want to keep your bunny healthy and energetic, make sure they have a nice ambiance, and that begins with the rabbit cage. Now that you have a better idea of how to find the right one for you, you can start building that rabbit oasis today!